hasseb DALI2 Master

hasseb DALI2 Master is a USB to DALI converter with integrated bus power supply providing maximum of 250 mA of current. The hardware, schematics, and control software source code are available free of charge. The device features a USB Human Interface Device (HID) so no drivers for the host PC are required. The schematics, instruction manual, and the Windows control software can be downloaded using the link below.


The control software is based on an open source Python DALI implementation available at GitHub. The software can be used in both Windows an Linux operating systems. Linux users need to run the Python code available at GitHub.

Legacy software

The obsolete original hasseb DALI Master device was be operated using DaliController.exe control software for Windows. All new devices are now sold with the new firmware supporting DALI2 commands and compatible with the new version of the control sofware only. The hardware has not chaged. If you want to use the legacy software, you need to downgrade the firmware. You can download the legacy software and firmware, including instrunctions for the firmware upgrade/downgrade, usign the link below.

Download legacy software